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360 Realty Solutions

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

by Camilo Concha

In my Southern California enterprise, I oversee a series of vertical websites focused on a variety of consumer interests. In addition to founding, I created 360 Realty Solutions, which assists home buyers with finding real estate agents and financing their purchases.

With an abundance of online real estate choices, consumers may not know who to contact. First-time home buyers especially may find it difficult to determine which website to trust.

360 Realty Solutions provides assistance with financing home purchases, as well as finding properties. The site’s services include real estate purchase, refinance, short sale, loan modification, a selection of prescreened Realtors, and a free home valuation.

If you have recently lost your job or find yourself unable to make mortgage payments for other reasons, you can contact 360 Realty Solutions and request that the company buy your home from you for cash. Another option available to home sellers is a short sale, which means selling a home for less than what the owner owes the lender on the mortgage. The team at 360 Realty Solutions, which includes experienced attorneys, will negotiate a short sale on a seller’s behalf.

For home owners who would like to keep their residence, 360 Realty Solutions can work with them to obtain a loan modification, which means changing the terms of the mortgage or home loan to make it affordable for the borrower. The company’s negotiators work with lenders to reduce monthly payments and seek to have lenders either forgive outstanding balances or add them to the end of the principal amount.

As with other services offered by 360 Realty Solutions, consumers looking to purchase a home can contact the company through the website by filling out a form. Prospective home buyers who do not have a preferred real estate agent can request a referral through 360 Realty Solutions, which has listed agents based on experience, board records, and results, among other credentials.

Home buyers seeking financing may contact 360 Realty Solutions to understand the variety of loan options available to people with their credit profile. Home owners who feel their mortgage terms no longer meet their needs or wish to find a lower mortgage interest rate can work with 360 Realty Solutions to learn about refinancing opportunities.

Home sellers can contact the company to determine the value of their property as well. At no cost to the client, the firm will provide an estimate based on information the home owner submits online. 360 Realty Solutions promises to keep submitted data confidential.