Environmental Law

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Environmental law involves statutes, common law, treaties, conventions, regulations and policies that deal with the natural environment. Environmental law reduces the negative impact of human activity on the natural environment. This includes air and water quality, global climate change, agriculture, species protection, hazardous chemicals, waste management, contaminated land and many more areas.

Consequences of Environment Law:

Many countries throughout the world have different sets of environmental laws, which they implement differently. Environment law regulations protect the environment, which in turn affects our quality of life and health. It is therefore important that we have ways of dealing with environmental issues quickly and efficiently and know the basics so that we are aware of what to do if we suspect contamination. 

What a Lawyer can do for you:

An environmental lawyer can help you in the case of damage or injury through contamination. If you realize that you have been affected by environmental contamination, it important to seek legal assistance. An environmental lawyer can do the necessary research and has the resources to help you file a successful claim. A lawyer can also help you determine which party is responsible for the contamination, so that you can recover damages.


About Camilo Concha: Camilo Concha, is the founder of Attorney Search Network, a  Lawyer Referral Service in California certified by the California State Bar and meets all the American Bar Standards as a Lawyer Referral Service. Attorney Search Network has been in business for over 11 years



Consumer Law

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Consumer law is applied to the efforts of the government, public-interest organizations, individuals, and businesses to establish, protect, and enforce the rights of people who buy products such as food, automobiles or services such as health care and insurance. The basic consumer protection rights, are set forth by U.S. President John F. Kennedy in his 1962 message to Congress on consumerism, are as follow: (1) the right to safety; (2) the right to be informed; (3) the right to choose; and (4) the right to be heard.

  • The right to safety: Products offered for sale should not pose undue risk of physical harm to consumers or their families.
  • The right to be informed: Consumers need sufficient information in order to choose wisely among the competing products and services available. To ensure that consumers have the information they need to buy wisely, the federal and many state governments have passed several important laws directing businesses to disclose necessary information.
  • The right to choose: When a market is not competitive, sellers can set the price as high as they wish. To preserve competition in the marketplace, federal consumer laws make it illegal for businesses to monopolize an industry, restrain trade, or fix prices. The FTC and the U.S. Department of Justice share the responsibility for enforcing these laws.
  • The right to be heard: A consumer who has been cheated of his/her consumer protection rights through the purchase of a product or service that does not perform properly has the right to seek a refund, replacement of the product, or other remedy.

Consequences of Consumer Law: Many consumer problems are caused by incorrect or fraudulent information. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) bears the primary responsibility for making sure that advertising and labeling are not false or misleading, but does not enforce consumer laws. Therefore, sometimes a buyer finds that the manufacturer or seller will not cooperate in resolving the complaint.

What a Consumer Law Lawyer can do for you: In recent years consumer protection laws have been passed to help dissatisfied consumers. Some consumer laws declared certain deceptive business practices illegal and give consumers the right to sue a business believed to be violating the law. This is where a good consumer protection lawyer comes into play. A consumer lawyer can help you settle any consumer claim successfully and make sure you get compensated monetarily for any pain and suffering.

About Camilo Concha:
Camilo Concha, is the founder of Attorney Search Network, a  Lawyer Referral Service in California certified by the California State Bar and meets all the American Bar Standards as a Lawyer Referral Service. Attorney Search Network has been in business for over 11 years.

Class Action Lawsuits

Class Action Lawsuits:

A class action lawsuits is a civil suit brought by one or more people on behalf of themselves and others who are in similarly situation. Class action lawsuits brought under state law may extend its jurisdiction to all the members of the class action lawsuit, including out of state, and international members. Class action lawsuits may also be transmitted into the federal court if the claim occurs under federal law, or if all named representative members of the potential plaintiff class are from a different state than the defendant. Any class action lawsuits brought in federal court are consolidated for pre-trail purposes through the device of multi-district litigation (MDL).


Consequences of Class Action Lawsuits:

A class action lawsuit is a result of consumers being injured as a result of an allegedly defective product; manufacturers having defective or hazardous products that cause harm to the consumer, breach of contracts, securities claims, consumer fraud and stockholders who purchased shares after the company issued deceptive news. After the class action complaint is filed plaintiffs must file a motion to have the class action lawsuit certified and without certification, the motion to be heard in a court of law will be denied.


What a Lawyer can do for you:

When filing a class action lawsuit, it is best to have the guidance of professional who knows how to handle class action lawsuits. Class action lawyers help seek justice and protect others in the future. A class action lawsuit case can only be brought successfully if the class action lawyer can demonstrate “commonality”. Commonality means that each class member suffered harm in a similar fashion. Moreover, a competent class action lawsuit lawyer conducts the litigation and keeps abreast of all major developments in the case.


Types of Class Action Lawsuits:

  • Automobile Recalls
  • Smoking Related Fires (Burn Victims)
  • Smoking Related Fires (Property Damage)
  • Toxic Torts


About Camilo Concha:
Camilo Concha, is the founder of Attorney Search Network, a  Lawyer Referral Service in California certified by the California State Bar and meets all the American Bar Standards as a Lawyer Referral Service. Attorney Search Network has been in business for over 11 years.

Criminal Law

Criminal Defense Law:

Criminal law is the body of law pertaining to crimes against the state or conduct detrimental to society as a whole. Violation of criminal statues is punishable by law. Criminal law is everything that is not civil.


Consequences of Criminal Law:

Being arrested or accused of a criminal crime can put your future at risk and affect your love ones. Being accused of a crime is a serious allegation that should be taken serious as you may be found guilty and be sentence time in jail or prison.


What a Criminal Defense Lawyer can do for you?

A criminal lawyer can represent and defend your rights if you have been charged with a crime. The representation by a criminal lawyer is crucial to your criminal law case. Most criminal lawyers are experienced with criminal law terms, criminal laws, proceedings, and trials. A criminal lawyer can also provide you a number of services necessary to build a strong defense in your criminal case.


About Camilo Concha:
Camilo Concha, is the founder of Attorney Search Network, a  Lawyer Referral Service in California certified by the California State Bar and meets all the American Bar Standards as a Lawyer Referral Service. Attorney Search Network has been in business for over 11 years.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization, By Camilo Concha

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Serving as owner and Managing Partner of Marketing Holdings for over a decade, I have helped numerous clients establish effective and well-managed online marketing and advertising strategies. One key aspect of Internet marketing is search engine optimization (SEO), which allows businesses to drive web traffic through higher search engine rankings.

With many competitors in a limited market space vying for high Google rankings, the SEO process is complex and time-consuming. A coordinated SEO approach requires creating and continuously updating online keywords that will drive visitors to your site. These selected keywords should be industry relevant and inserted in your content in a natural and judicious way. Through strategic site linking and frequently updated online content, you can raise your company’s ranking in Google and Yahoo searches.

Keep in mind that SEO marketing is not an overnight process, but rather requires a complex understanding of the algorithms Google uses in selecting sites at the top of search engine rankings. To run an effective SEO campaign, be prepared to stick with your strategy for the long haul, partnering with a professional service that optimizes your approach through staying up-to-date on new techniques.

About the Author:

With a Business Administration degree earned at California State University, Northridge, Camilo Concha has led Encino, California-based Marketing Holdings since 1999.

An Interview with Camilo Concha about the DAI Group

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Q: What is the DAI Group?

Mr.Concha: DAI stands for Distressed Asset Investments. The DAI Group invests in distressed and otherwise undervalued real estate throughout California.

Q: What is a distressed asset?

Mr.Concha: Distressed assets have a depressed value due not to the conditions of the market, but rather to the issuer. For example, when an issuer defaults on loans for a commercial space, that space then becomes a distressed asset with a lower than average value.

Q: How does the DAI Group make money from distressed assets?

Mr. Concha: The employees at DAI represent a wealth of real estate, structured finance, and acquisitions experience. Capitalizing on our unique skills, we obtain distressed real estate at low prices and work within a network of highly specialized companies to keep costs to a minimum and return the property to the market.

Q: What makes DAI unique among other distressed asset investment firms?

Mr. Concha: Our tight-knit network of knowledgeable real estate and finance professionals permits us to handle the investment in-house for the entirety of its lifespan at DAI. This streamlined process saves a significant amount of time and expense. Through this efficient management and our attention to detail, an important asset to any investment firm, we maximize our returns on investments in ways that other firms are unable to do.

Q: What sort of property does DAI purchase?

Mr.Concha: The DAI Group invests in commercial and residential properties, including multi-family buildings, apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes. We also invest in debt values with significant intrinsic value.

Q: How does the DAI Group find its investments?

Mr.Concha: We maintain connections with several real estate agents and also have done deals with JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs, in addition to other banks. Through this agreement, we often buy distressed properties in bulk and at the court house steps.

Q: How does DAI value its investments?

Mr. Concha: The DAI Group conducts thorough property evaluations, which include a Uniform Residential Appraisal Report and a Broker Price Opinion. With this information, we ascertain the property’s current value and its potential value once repaired.

Q: What companies does DAI work with?

Mr.Concha: Among others, we enjoy partnerships with 360 Realty Solutions, Attorney Search Network, and Metro States Mortgage. I encourage anyone interested to learn more about these companies online.

Camilo Concha on Marketing Holdings: Part 1

As the owner and managing partner of Marketing Holdings, Camilo Concha possesses a unique understanding about leveraging the power of the Internet to propel businesses forward. In the course of his career, Mr. Concha has created and built multiple Internet-based businesses, and he shares his expertise with other companies seeking to do the same via Marketing Holdings.

Q: What types of services does Marketing Holdings offer its clients?

A: Our goal is to help our clients grow using Internet marketing techniques. Which strategies we deploy on our clients’ behalf depend largely on our analysis of business models, competition, and market elements.

Q: Can you describe some of the strategies you use?

A: One of the industry buzzwords you will hear quite a bit right now is search engine optimization, or SEO. Essentially, we help make our clients’ websites easily locatable by search engines. The best way to illustrate this is by example. Say that you are a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles and you would like to show up on the first page of Google results when someone searches the terms “injury attorney Los Angeles.” We help you optimize elements of your web pages so that you show up in the first page or two as search engine users rarely look beyond the first few pages of results to find what they seek.

Q: Is SEO something companies can do for themselves?

A: Some do; however, search engines are always changing the algorithms that determine which sites rise to the top of their results. Marketing Holdings stays abreast of the latest SEO techniques. We also have a firm understanding of how people search the Internet, and we know which keywords they enter into searches. This knowledge helps our clients maximize their search engine results.

By Camilo Concha