About Camilo Concha

The high cost of paying for medical care is a common theme in today’s headlines, but companies like MedicalFinancing.com can help patients who are facing the prospect of overwhelming medical bills for elective surgery. This service is just one of several started by Camilo Concha to help people find their way through potentially expensive situations. MedicalFinancing.com offers confidential help to finance cosmetic surgery, tattoo removal, hair restoration, fertility treatments, general health care, and even veterinary procedures.

Camilo Concha is also the founder of 1800MySurgeon.com, a free service that puts people in touch with cosmetic surgeons who are best suited for a particular procedure. Camilo Concha’s company, Marketing Holdings, specializes in creating these kinds of sites, which allow users to find help on everything from real estate to legal needs. Before setting up Marketing Holdings in 1999, Camilo Concha worked as an Analyst for Putnam, Hayes & Bartlett, Inc.

This gave Camilo Concha a close look at the difficulties faced by people dealing with difficult situations, such as wrongful termination, personal injury, wrongful death, or bankruptcy. Camilo Concha personally conducted investigations regarding such cases, as well as performed other related tasks, such as preparing expert witnesses and assisting counsel in preparation for depositions. This body of experience proved highly useful when Camilo Concha elected to start Marketing Holdings, to help ordinary people who are dealing with extraordinary circumstances.

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