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Expungements in California

September 12, 2013

Everyone makes mistakes. When those mistakes make their mark on a criminal record, it can destroy goals, hopes and dreams. Just one criminal conviction can make it very difficult to find employment or make advances in your career, only adding to your embarrassment.

Luckily, California law makes it possible to get an expungement off your criminal record. An “expungement” is court-ordered proiStock_000003580532XSmallcess in which a criminal conviction or criminal report is “sealed.”

Once your record is expunged, your criminal charge will not come up on your criminal background search for many employers and agencies. Some employers and agencies will still have access, but a vast majority of employers will not see the past criminal charge.

The rules for getting an expungement vary state to state. In most states, there is no expungement for those with felonies or sex offenses. Juvenile and misdemeanor convictions usually are eligible for expungement. Expungements can be especially beneficial for someone looking for a job. In California, most misdemeanors and some felony cases can be expunged.

To qualify for an expungement in California, you need to have finished probation, followed all court orders and have no new charges made against you. After the defined time period has passed, you may be eligible for expungement. To find out more, you should consult a criminal lawyer.

It is important to keep in mind that some criminal offenses cannot be expunged, or will take several years for expungement to take place. Expungement for sexual offenses or DUI cases, for example, should be discussed with a criminal defense lawyer, who can explain procedures and other outcomes. A criminal defense lawyer can help relieve you from your prior conviction by helping you expunge your record.

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