Class Action Lawsuits

August 7, 2013

Class Action Lawsuits:

A class action lawsuits is a civil suit brought by one or more people on behalf of themselves and others who are in similarly situation. Class action lawsuits brought under state law may extend its jurisdiction to all the members of the class action lawsuit, including out of state, and international members. Class action lawsuits may also be transmitted into the federal court if the claim occurs under federal law, or if all named representative members of the potential plaintiff class are from a different state than the defendant. Any class action lawsuits brought in federal court are consolidated for pre-trail purposes through the device of multi-district litigation (MDL).


Consequences of Class Action Lawsuits:

A class action lawsuit is a result of consumers being injured as a result of an allegedly defective product; manufacturers having defective or hazardous products that cause harm to the consumer, breach of contracts, securities claims, consumer fraud and stockholders who purchased shares after the company issued deceptive news. After the class action complaint is filed plaintiffs must file a motion to have the class action lawsuit certified and without certification, the motion to be heard in a court of law will be denied.


What a Lawyer can do for you:

When filing a class action lawsuit, it is best to have the guidance of professional who knows how to handle class action lawsuits. Class action lawyers help seek justice and protect others in the future. A class action lawsuit case can only be brought successfully if the class action lawyer can demonstrate “commonality”. Commonality means that each class member suffered harm in a similar fashion. Moreover, a competent class action lawsuit lawyer conducts the litigation and keeps abreast of all major developments in the case.


Types of Class Action Lawsuits:

  • Automobile Recalls
  • Smoking Related Fires (Burn Victims)
  • Smoking Related Fires (Property Damage)
  • Toxic Torts


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