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Camilo Concha on Marketing Holdings: Part 2

Owner and managing partner of Marketing Holdings, Camilo Concha, recently discussed how his company helps businesses harness the power of the Internet to increase their visibility.

Q: You provide search engine optimization (SEO) for companies, but are there other ways you can help them increase their Internet visibility?

A: Many of our clients glean great results from Pay Per Click advertising.

Q: Can you explain how Pay Per Click marketing works?

A: When you use a search engine, you get two or three different sets of results. Take a look at Google; if you are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles, and you use “injury attorney Los Angeles” as your search terms, you will notice three listings in a colored square at the top of the page. These are paid listings. Under those listings, you will see the “organic” listings, which result from the keyword search. On the right, you will also notice ads. These are Google’s Pay Per Click marketing ads. Many other websites have similar programs.

Q: What benefits do Pay Per Click programs offer advertisers?

A: The ads are targeted to an audience searching specific keywords, so companies get their results in front of the people who already have an interest in the products or services they provide. Not only that, but as soon as the campaign goes live, qualified leads can find you. Perhaps best of all, Pay Per Click advertising only costs you money for people who click on your link. You do not have to pay for the people who see your link and pass on it. What this means for you is that when someone comes to your site, they have a strong interest in the product or service you offer. If you have an effective website, then there is a good chance you will have the opportunity to convert the advertising money you spent getting them there into a sale.

By Camilo Concha

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